#IDanceBecause... I love feeling fit, happy and healthy.

I have always been a fairly active person. Growing up I played lots of team sports in school, I learnt classical ballet and jazz from a young age and have always been a member of a gym since leaving school.

Last year I was feeling bored and frustrated with my health and fitness regime at the time. I was no longer getting the results I wanted so I started looking for something new to try.

In August 2016 I joined a dance fitness class and without sounding too cheesy it completely changed my life. After my first 30 minute dance cardio class I was hooked and couldn’t wait to go back.

The classes are so much fun and very challenging, which keeps me motivated. I have never felt happier, healthier and fitter, which has encouraged my friends and family to experience this for themselves!


#IDanceBecause... health and fitness is a very important part of my life.

I am 52, so needless to say I have tried many forms of exercise. When my daughter first invited me to try a dance fitness class I was reluctant at first given my age and lack of coordination. However, I decided to give it a go and from my first class I have never looked back.

All my preconceived ideas were left at the door – the classes are unlike any other I’ve experienced and I now understand why my daughter was so enthusiastic to get me and my other daughters to come along. You don’t need to be able to dance as there is a huge variety of classes for all fitness levels and interests - including great strength workouts.

Within just a few weeks I immediately began to see results both physically and mentally. My body was becoming stronger and leaner and I was also feeling very happy and positive for the future.

I am so thankful my eldest daughter invited me along, and now my other two daughters have joined as well. I love that I can share this time with my girls in such a positive, unique and inspiring environment.

I would encourage women of all ages and fitness levels looking for something new, fun and positive to give it a go! You won’t look back.


#IDanceBecause... I need to be active and love working out!

When I was younger I played sport at a very high level and was constantly training in a competitive environment for many years. As I grew older I stopped training as much and was looking for something to fulfil this area of my life. I was struggling to find something that I really enjoyed doing… until I joined a dance fitness class.

The classes have completely transformed my health and fitness habits and inspired me to get moving again. The environment is so much fun! I love the music, the dancing and booty shaking, as well as working out with my mum and sisters by my side. I love how encouraging and uplifting all the girls are. Everyone is there working towards the same goal, exercising and getting fit, while having a fun time doing it.

I find the classes really challenging – especially the kettlebells! – and I am seeing such great results in my body, which I love. Most of all I feel happy and healthy!

To find out information on where Chloe, Lynn and Ruby attended their classes please visit the Dance Barre by Katie Dickens website. The above blog has been personally written and is not an endorsement of the provider by the Queensland Government.

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