Our goal is to encourage less active Queensland women and girls to become more active.

Regardless of your interests, abilities, responsibilities, ethnicity, or location, we want all women and girls to access, enjoy, lead and celebrate sport and active recreation across their lifespan.

Here are some great resources to help you get moving and to help organisations implement best practice models to improve lifelong participation outcomes for women and girls.

Before You Get Started

If it moves you it improves you. Whether you simply want to have more energy, lose weight or prepare for that fun run you always have wanted to do, you’ve got to start somewhere. The good news is, you just did!

If sport and physical activity hasn’t been your thing for a while then Before You Get Started has some basic tips and precautions you should take. Be safe, have fun and enjoy getting active.  Better still get your friends and family to come with you and Join the Movement.

Get Moving Pledge

The Get Moving Pledge is a resource you use to identify the activities and goals that best suits your abilities and motivations. It also helps you plan for the amount and type of physical activity you should do and when you can do it.

Use this resource to safely begin your physical activity journey. Alternatively, as you increase your physical activity levels, revisit this resource to identify the new goals and challenges that you would like to work towards next.

Activity Planner

You know how to be safe while getting active. You also know what activity you are going to do and how much you will do.  Now you can plan some time for you.  Use our Activity Planner to plan your time to be active.

Join the Movement Activity Dice

Do you find it hard to decide what activity you would like to do today? Try the Join the Movement Activity Dice to make deciding fun. We have provided some suggested lists of activities for use in the work place, adventure challenges and for mums and bubs. You can also make your own list and use the dice to make choosing your daily physical activity fun.

Boom Pow!

Music can get you moving as well as keeping you motivated when being active. 'Boom Pow!' is the Join the Movement campaign soundtrack and it is sure to make you want to get up and move. With its mix of pop, hip hop and soul alongside a fierce attitude of self-empowerment, movement is precisely the songs purpose. Written by the front woman of Queensland’s MKO Sun, Hannah Macklin, the soundtrack provides the audio backdrop for the Join the Movement campaign.

To listen to Boom Pow by MKO Sun visit the iTunes store or Spotify.

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Women and Girls Checklist

The Women and Girls Checklist is a resource that aims to assist organisations to implement best practice models to improve lifelong participation outcomes for women and girls.

The Checklist provides a tool for organisations to conduct a ‘self-audit’ on the accessibility and suitability of their places and spaces, programs and services, and organisational practices for women and girls.

Healthier. Happier.

When our bodies and minds are healthy, we feel better, we look better, we have more energy and we’re able to get more out of life. The Queensland Government Healthier. Happier. website has lots of useful tips and tools to help you achieve your health goals and live a healthier lifestyle. If your after quick healthy recipes, simple exercises for all fitness levels or the facts around diet, nutrition, exercise and more, visit Healthier. Happier.